Warrnambool and District Poultry Club Inc.

Warrnambool Poultry Club

Warrnambool and District Poultry Club Inc ........Helmsman Auctions



Sunday 22nd March.....Sunday 20th September.....Sunday November TBC




Pens - $5.00 for non members and $4.00 for members

 Maximum 3 birds per pen


Pens and Poultry Equipment must be booked in prior to the sale.

All birds to be penned by 9.45am





Register as a bidder on the day for $2.00






 Bidding strictly 10.30am-11.30noon.


Terms of Auction:

All birds are screened on entry and stewards have the right to remove any sick birds or any birds carrying parasites.

Full cash payment to seller by the buyer at the end of the auction.

Sellers/Buyers please have boxes and correct money if possible to make transactions quick and easy!

No bidding on own birds




PHONE Jackie Harry 0438 616 520 for bookings and information